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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Why I'm on a Plant-Based Diet, and Why You Should Be Too.

"All well and good for you, Rick. If it helps you, more power to you. But why do I need to be on a plant-based diet?"

I know I could "talk" or in this case, type till I'm blue in the face, and there will be some people who are simply not willing to give up their meat, dairy and eggs. Even though it will in all probability, lead to heart disease, cancer, or some other chronic disease. I know that some may feel that I'm being radical. However, the science is all there. The clinical trials and all the best evidence points toward that reality.

What? You want links? How about the following:

From, a general guide to how diet affects PD and what the current evidence shows.

From Dr. McDougall, has some interesting things to say on this subject.

From the Brian Grant Foundation's blog interview with a movement disorder specialist.

That is just a small sampling when I did a search on Parkinson's and plant-based diet on Google.

Plus, there is much more clinical trials and information dating back to the 1950s about how a plant-based diet protects from heart disease and cancer, the top two killers in Western Society. Western Society as everyone who eats like us. Those areas of the world that only rarely eat meat or dairy products have near zero incidents of heart disease and cancer. Pretty much every study done on this topic shows that a plant-based diet will be protective for anyone getting heart disease or cancer. Even better, in both cases, it shows that it can *reverse* those diseases.

Nuerodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's aren't so fortunate on the reversing area. Brain neurons are not as likely to grow back and start producing dopamine again. However, it is hoped that providing the antioxidant and other infection reductions that a plant-based diet has to offer, will slow or even stop the progression of the disease. That has yet to be proven, however, even though there is some laboratory and animal testing that has promising results.

However, the biggest chance it can help people that are either yet to get PD or some other chronic condition like MS, ALS, etc., is to go on a plant-based diet. The downside is that most people think something like that is a radical approach, that the food will not be as good as their steak and potatoes, that they could never give up their cheese, or eggs, or add in whatever you love that you would have to give up. Until . . . you get a chronic disease, or come down with heart disease or cancer. Then suddenly, you realize the value of listening to someone like me.

Consequently, many will not do this diet that has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to prevent and heal most diseases we face. The cool thing is that you don't have to do, buy, or take one thing from for one problem, another for a different problem. I'm not selling you any supplements that claim to do that. One for each possible disease you might get. Rather, I'm promoting eating healthy for the reason that I know it is the best thing for anyone to do. This one change, in our diet, could profoundly affect the future of our lives.

Eating healthy is the solution for everyone. And for those that might be able to avoid getting a chronic condition like PD, it means more years of living without tremors, muscle tightness, pain, etc. It is too late for me, to a point. I've had PD symptoms for six years now. The damage is done in my brain, and short of a miracle, there isn't any way I can get that function back. All I can hope for is slowing of the progression down to a hopefully slow crawl. But you still have a chance to live a full and healthy life. Why wait until the damage is done?

Nutrition and exercise are the two biggest factors in Parkinson's Disease. Both in their lack in getting it and in using them to manage it. Can you afford to wait until you get a disease before giving up meat, dairy, and eggs? I wish I had known this back when I was still young. My life might have been much different if I had.

If the above doesn't convince you, but your interested in the topic, I would suggest watching this video that Dr. Gregor gives on how a plant-based diet can cure and/or alleviate the leading 15 causes of death. If he can't convince you, I don't know who could.

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