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Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Parkinson's War

I wrote a poem for Parkinson's Awareness month last April. While April is yet to come this year, a group I'm in is doing a "Never Give Up" theme for this month, so I wrote another poem to commemorate both events. So without further delay, I give you my Parkinson's poem for 2015.

The Parkinson's War

We march to battle
with shuffling feet.

“Heal, toe! Heal, toe!”
the cadence commands.

We load our weapons
with fumbling fingers.

Our ammo: medicine, a
healthy diet, and exercise.

To battle till death
with an undefeated foe.

Undefeated because
there is no cure . . . yet.

But the battle is not won
by simply killing the enemy,

Though we hope and pray
to see the day of its defeat.

The true battle is a fight
to live life to its fullest.

Despite the odds.
Despite the losses.

That, my fellow Parkies,
is a battle we can win—today.

~ R. L. Copple

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