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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Doctor Visit Results

Quick update after seeing my neurologist Monday morning.

One, she updated my meds. Didn't like the one medication I showed her. She said it wasn't in her "go to medications" because she felt the beneficial affect it could have didn't tend to deliver enough "punch" in exchange for the potential negative side effects. I didn't argue with her, though I'd heard/read some good things about it. Most of it anecdotal and not proven, though. I've also read a lot of doctors aren't read up on it too, and this may have been the case as she seemed to think it would require dietary restrictions when everything I've read from reputable sources say at normal doses, it doesn't require it because it inhibits MAO-B, not MAO-A which does have those restrictions. She didn't seem to be aware of that difference.

At any rate, our new med plan is my Sinemet has been doubled. Instead of taking one pill 3 times a day, I'll take two 3 times a day. Then if in 2 months I still feel I need more help, I can contact her and she re-prescribe the Ropinerole that was helping earlier this year.

Into day 2 of taking the double dose, I can tell it is helping. Less stiffness in my left arm. Still not normal, but I'll give it a week or two to build up before I decide whether I need more help.

But I got some good news! Currently I have an hour and a half drive each way to go see this neurologist. She said she recalled seeing an email about a new neurologist in the Marble Falls facility they are building. She checked, got his name, and I said I'd like to try him out. So I ended up with an appointment to see him on Nov. 10th.

This will really be helpful, since he'll only be about 10 minutes away. Saves gas money and taking up most of a day. So I'm happy about that and hope this new neurologist will work out.

That's it for now. Thanks for your prayers and support.

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  1. Ten minutes is much better than an hour and a half! Let's hope and pray the new neurologist is up to snuff!