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Thursday, March 27, 2014

And So It Begins--The Blog, That Is

Hello. My name is Rick Copple, and I have Parkinson's Disease.

Not like I'm addicted to it like an Alcoholic's Anonymous Association member. I only wish it was that easy to get rid of. Alas, at this time it is still an incurable disease.

But before I dive into what this blog is about, I want to convey why I'm writing this blog and what any subscribers can expect.

I have multiple reasons for writing this blog.

  1. Recording my history and progression with the disease. Several years down the road I won't forget details and dates. Already some of the early symptoms aren't precise when they started, since I didn't realize at the time they were the beginning of anything.
  2. Journaling helps me to process what is happening and deal with it better.
  3. For my doctor, if he and she so desire to get an overview of what is going on with me (though they probably don't have the time).
  4. For my family, both immediate and extended who want to keep tabs on how it is going with me.
  5. Anyone else who is simply interested, though I don't expect that list to be huge.
  6. Finally, who knows? Someday this may become the material for a book if it ends up proving of interest to people.

 I don't plan on keeping a regular schedule of posting. I'll post when new information arises. Doctor visits and what resulted from them. Changes in medication. Any significant progression of the disease and/or new symptoms--as well as remissions. Hey, miracles still happen. I'm not shutting that door. Anything related to the disease I find enlightening or important, like new medicines and procedures to treat it.

There may be weeks I post two or three times. Other times, I might go months without posting anything. Just depends on my schedule and whether I have anything of value to report. Therefore, if you want to keep up with my experiences with Parkinson's, be sure to subscribe by RSS feed or follow by email. Both links are in the top-right corner.

During the coming month, I'll post more frequently as my schedule allows since I've got to catch the blog up over the last two years of PD events, as well as establishing a foundation to launch from.

If you want to join me on my journey until I can no longer keep the blog up, for whatever reason, you're welcome to do so. Thank you for your prayers and support. More to follow soon.


  1. We are with you all the way, brother.

  2. We've never met, but you are in my thoughts. A couple of years ago, I started showing early warning signs of either MS or Parkinson's. My issue turned out not to be degenerative, but I live daily with many of the same spasms and trembling. Tremendous strides are being made in neuroscience, and a student of mine has had her MS go into remission. I know the two diseases are different, but finding treatment for one gives hope for the other. Sending positive energy and love your way.

    1. Thanks, DA. This is true. Lots of new drugs and procedures in the works. I believe last year alone 37 new drugs came out. One being medication to help with dizziness upon getting up in the mornings (I have a smidgen of it, mostly due to one of the medications I'm taking). Not to mention the recent alternative to deep brain stimulation: spinal stimulation.

      We're in this stuff together.